OGSTools 0.1.0 Release Notes#

The second release of the ogstools-package brings lots of new library functionality for e.g. plotting and mesh generation as well as a new tool for converting FEFLOW meshes! A full-featured prebuilt Docker image is provided.


feflowlib is a new package for accessing FEFLOW easily in pyvista.

meshlib is a new package for efficient mesh generation from surfaces. It can be used to create meshes from PyVista surfaces and from .vtu surface files.

meshplotlib is a new package to visualize 2D and 3D mesh data. It also can generate animations:

propertylib is a new package which provides a base class to handle common mesh properties systematically (e.g. temperature, pressure, displacement, …).

nuclearwasteheat provides an easy way to calculate the heat generated by nuclear waste repositories.


The new feflow2ogs-tool converts data stored in FEFLOW binary format to VTK format. It can only be used with a FEFLOW installation.

Infrastructure & Development#

Examples on the web page are generated via sphinx_gallery which also allows for downloading the example as an Jupyter Notebook file.

We also added some shortcuts via make for development related tasks such as setting up the development environment, running the tests or creating a live preview of the documentation.

Development can now be done via VSCode’s Dev Containers.