OGSTools 0.2.0 Release Notes#


studies a new package that provides utility functions to compose studies from multiple simulation runs. For now it contains functions to perform convergence studies on simulation results (with increasing spatial/temporal discretization) for specific timesteps or over all timesteps.

msh2vtu got a cleaner python interface without the need to run argparse in between.

feflowlib has been updated with new functionalities. In particular, material properties can now be taken into account when converting and creating OGS models. In addition, feflowlib now uses ogs6py to create prj files. With these changes the conversion of FEFLOW models for steady state diffusion and liquid flow processes can generate a complete prj-file for OGS simulations.


feflow2ogs-tool now enables simulation-ready prj-files for steady state diffusion and liquid flow processes.

Infrastructure & Development#

Web documentation for releases is now available on ogstools.opengeosys.org. Documentation for previous releases will be available in the future and can be selected with a version dropdown in the navigation bar.