ogstools Documentation#

ogstools is a collection of Python tools aimed at evolving into a modeling toolchain around OpenGeoSys, a finite element solver for coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical problems in the subsurface.

Date: Sep 20, 2023 Version: 0.1.0.post1.dev3+gaf403a7

Useful links: Source repository | Issues | OpenGeoSys Website | OpenGeoSys Forum

User guide

Get an overview over the key concepts of ogstools and the included tools.


Examples of ogstools usage, especially in combination with other tools or even complete modeling workflows.

API reference

The reference guide contains a detailed description of the ogstools API. It describes which methods are available, how they work and which parameters can be used.

Devleloper guide

Learn how to setup a development environment and how contribute your code to help improving the OpenGeoSys tools ecosystem.